Sena SMH-A0304 EB/WM Kit

Sena SMH-A0304 EB/WM Kit Sale

Sena SMH-A0304 EB/WM Kit

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The Sena 'SMH-A0304 Earbud/Wired Microphone Kit' is designed to be used in conjunction with an existing SMH10 head unit (see notes below), affording you all the same features and functions as the standard fixed boom microphone 'SMH10-01 Headset/Intercom Kit', but with the following notable differences.

A) The main base unit has no fixed boom microphone incorporated, as on the standard SMH10 kit. Instead, you have the option to use one of two detachable microphones. A wired microphone for use in full-face helmets and a boom microphone for use in modular helmets (flip-up) helmets.

B) There are no speakers provided. Instead, a 3.5mm splash-proof lead is included, which once plugged into the main base unit, lets you connect any standard 'ear-bud' headphones. You can still connect your headphones directly to the base unit without this lead but you will lose the water resistant protection previously provided. The lead also effectively extends your headphone cord, which you may find useful.


You will need to purchase the 'SMH10-01 Headset/Intercom Kit' in order to use the head unit contained within it. It attaches to the base unit in this kit, in exactly the same way. The main base unit does still retain the MP3 port (as on the standard SMH10 version), for attaching a secondary audio source, such as a portable MP3 player. 

The kit includes

01. Speaker-Microphone Clamp Unit

03. Detachable Modular Boom Microphone

04. Detachable Wired Microphone

05. VELCRO® Mounting Pads for Microphones

06. 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable (Earbud Connector)

07. Glued Surface Mounting Adaptor

08. Spare Microphone Sponge

09. Allen Wrench

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