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Sena Allen Key

Spare allen key wrench for use with the Sena range of products...

Sena Dual Battery Charger

Conveniently charge one or two Sena Prism Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries simultaneously with the Sena Prism Dual Battery Charger. Recharge using your USB charging cable, either directly to your compute..

Sena Microphone Sponge

Replacement boom microphone sponge, designed to fit the SMH10 range of products such as SMH10-01 and SMH-A0304..

Sena Prism Action Camera

£85.00 £130.00
This is the Prism. Engineered on Sena’s most advanced Bluetooth 4.0 platform, the Prism records amazing images and stunning audio. From the first second you twist the throttle to the last run of..

SENA SF Series HD Speakers

This HD high definition speaker kit from SENA, allows you to plug into the 3.5mm audio-out port on your base unit, which if used in conjunction with a splitter, enables you to connect an action ca..

Sena SMH-A0302 Base Unit

This is a used but perfectly serviceable Sena SMH-A0302 base unit, fitted with a wired microphone and the stock OEM speakers. You will need the head unit from a Sena 'SMH10-01 HS/Intercom Kit' to ..

Sena SMH-A0304 Microphone

This detachable microphone, is designed to be used with the 'Sena SMH-A0304 EB/WM Kit'. In the event that your existing boom microphone is damaged, it's simply a matter of removing the old unit an..
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