Panigale V4 Bonamici Rearsets

Panigale V4 Bonamici Rearsets

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These Bonamici rearsets are designed specifically for the Panigale V4, V4S and Speciale models (2018 onwards). In addition the rearsets are supplied with the optional red anodized toe pegs and footrest caps, as well as a pair of folding footpegs, (if you do not want to retain the fixed footpegs that come supplied as standard). These additional parts came at an extra cost, over and above the rearsets themselves, when originally purchased. Finally a custom made brake line pressure switch is included, with the correct electrical connector fitted, so it's literally a plug n' play component. 

Bonamici rearsets are made from a single piece of billet aluminium in their factory based in Italy, with a black anodised finish for corrosion resistance and durability. To ensure compatibility, Bonamici laser scan each and every bike they manufacture parts for in order to ensure fitment, after this their parts are fine tuned, tested and validated through various levels of motorsport meaning you can have complete confidence in these rearsets to transform your V4!

The rearsets allow you to decide where you would like the footpegs to be mounted, featuring multiple different mounting positions you can rest assured that they will improve the handling, comfort and appearance of your Panigale V4!

Note that you can configure the rearsets to use either the standard Road Shift pattern, or Reverse Race Shift pattern, by selecting the appropriate attachment point of the quickshifter/gear linkage rod.

The rearsets have been removed from their original packaging and were test fitted to a V4, but never actually used. They were then removed and repacked. There are no flaws or marks in the anodising and they are in pristine condition, as you would expect given they have never been used. There may however be very faint traces of threadlock on some of the bolts, which can easily be removed, if desired. Also included are all the necessary fittings, plates, adaptors, link rod and hardware, as well as detailed parts diagrams. 

These rearsets currently retail for just under £600. This RRP does NOT include the extra optional Bonamici parts mentioned above which raise the RRP closer to £700, so at this price this package is a real bargain!

If you are interested in purchasing these rearsets, please note that the earliest date they can be shipped is Monday 15th February 2021, due to the store being managed remotely, until this date. You can still proceed through the checkout process, we just need to make you aware of the delay, before you place your order.

PLEASE NOTE: these rearsets will NOT fit the Panigale V4R model.

To Fit Model
Ducati Panigale V4 Will not fit the V4R
Ducati Panigale V4 Speciale Will not fit the V4R
Ducati Panigale V4S Will not fit the V4R

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